Real Estate Law TREC (0311) - PDF Format

Course Description:

Welcome to the Texas Pre-License Real Estate Law Course. This course will cover the key laws and legal concepts that apply to the field of real estate, including contracts, deeds, fair housing, foreclosures, land titles and records, leases, and real property rights and land use. Additionally, the course will cover the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act, a federal law that regulates the closing and settlement of real estate sales, and various Texas statutes and laws that affect real estate practice, including Texas constitutional and statutory homestead protections, the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and the Texas statute that provides remedies for fraud in real estate and stock transactions.

Topics to be Included in Course:

A. Legal Concepts of Real Estate
B. Land Description
C .Real Property Rights and Estates in Land
D. Contracts
E. Conveyance
F. Encumbrance
G. Foreclosures
H. Recording Procedures
I. Evidence of Titles