Driver Safety Course for Cars, Vans & Small Trucks

Course Description:

This course is made for drivers to improve their driving skills and learn something new. Death, injuries, and property damage in the U.S. must be reduced. It is extremely important to the citizens of this country to identify and implement all reasonable means to reduce human suffering and property loss that result from vehicle crashes. The attitudes and skills of drivers must be improved, and through effective driving safety programs, this can be accomplished.


2.Traffic Safety Problems
3.Factors Influencing Driver Performance
4.Traffic Laws and Procedures
5.Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety
6.Physical Forces That Influence Driver Control
7.Perceptual Skills Needed For Driving
8.Defensive Driving Strategies
9.Emergency Driving Procedures
10.Occupant Restraint and Protective Equipment
11.Special Skills for Difficult Driving Situations
12.Backing Basics
13.Final Exam – 115 questions @ 70%

--Each Session is followed by a short session quiz. These quizzes vary in length and are scored at 80%.

Learning Objectives:

14.Evaluate the introduction and instructions to the course
15.Identify traffic safety problems
16.Analyze factors Influencing driver performance
17.Interpret traffic laws and procedures
18.Contrast the use of alcohol and drugs and their effects on traffic safety
19.Describe physical forces that influence driver control
20.Recognize perceptual skills needed for driving
21.Outline Defensive Driving strategies
22.Recognize emergency driving procedures
23.Categorize occupant restraint and protective equipment
24.Evaluate special skills for difficult driving situations
25.Summarize backing basics