Sit-Down Forklift

Course Description:

This course presents material on the safe operation of powered industrial trucks, also known as fork trucks, lift trucks or forklifts. Among material handling equipment, none are as common as the forklift.

Course Learning Objectives:

Lesson 1: Types of Forklifts
Lesson 2: Forklift Regulations
Lesson 3: Inspections and Records
Lesson 4: Anatomy
Lesson 5: Operator’s Manual and Warning Label
Lesson 6: Battery Hazards & Care
Lesson 7: Forklift Chassis
Lesson 8: Mast & Forks
Lesson 9: Operator’s Compartment
Lesson 10: Stability of a Forklift
Lesson 11: Center of Gravity
Lesson 12: Stability Triangle
Lesson 13: Stability Pyramid
Lesson 14: Static & Dynamic Conditions
Lesson 15: Struck by Forklift
Lesson 16: Hit by Falling Load
Lesson 17: Tipover
Lesson 18: Elevating Personnel
Lesson 19: Ran Off Dock
Lesson 20: Maintenance Related Accidents
Lesson 21: Know Your Forklift
Lesson 22: Know Your Workplace
Lesson 23: Parking the Forklift
Lesson 24: Operating the Forklift
Lesson 25: Working Around Pedestrians
Lesson 26: Safeload Handling
Lesson 27: Traveling with the Load
Lesson 28: Elevating Personnel
Lesson 29: Loading & Unloading Trailers


Final Exam – 60 Questions @ 70%